Now artificial intelligence can detect obesity in space

Obesity is an important factor in health that becomes even influenced by the environment we live in. Currently, researchers have used artful intelligence and satellite images of US cities to detect obesity in space.

"We have proposed a way to uncover the link between obesity in adults and the environment through high-resolution satellite imagery," the team of study specialists explained.

According to Science Alert, researchers at the University of Washington analyzed 150,000 images offered by satellites provided by Google Maps through a convolutional neural network, a type of AI for identifying patterns in the data set.

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The data covers 1,695 census trails from six different cities: Bellevue, Seattle, Tacoma, Los Angeles, Memphis and San Antonio. The neural network currently used by the team has previously used 1.2 million images to help analyze the city's environment, identify structures such as streets, buildings, trees, water and land.

Researchers also used estimates of the predominance of obesity to create a model by which the link between the city's structures and obesity in these regions can be assessed. According to the results, the environment was the cause of 64.8% of cases of obesity.

Researchers suggest that socio-economic indicators such as income are an important factor in this association. The research supports other environmental studies and obesity rates.

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