G Suite for Your Business: Advantages and Uses

The desire of companies to efficiently and harmoniously work the employees leads to the appearance in the market of products such as G Suite.

G Suite is a collection of cloud-based enterprise collaboration applications. This is not only e-mail and chat for communication, but also video conferences, social networks, collaborative work on documents, real-time tables and much more.
Why does G Suite need your business?

The benefits of using G Suite packages in your business are unquestionable. Choosing a specific package, you get a common user interface, where your employees can work even more cohesively. For example, working with one document, changes made by many users simultaneously in Google Docs in real time are easily assembled, and can immediately be discussed between employees via Google Hangouts or in the comments of Documents.

Also, G Suite provides many attractive benefits for beginners, small and medium enterprises, given the inherent characteristics of the team with strict financial constraints. Tariffs for service packages start from just $ 5 per user per month for the G-Suite Basic package, whereas for Office 365 Business Essentials you will have to pay a little more than $ 6 per user per month. A slightly updated G-Suite Business costs $ 10 per user per month, and the tariff for large enterprises G Suite Enterprise will cost $ 25 per month from the user.

The factor of optimization of joint work for remote workers is of paramount importance. Simplicity of working with G Suite means faster work, whether it's a business step, financial analysis based on spreadsheets or a press release. G Suite applications are available everywhere, with great functionality on both iOS and Android.

You can schedule meetings, monitoring the employment of other employees on the calendar, videoconferencing without being tied to your workplace.

You can easily save documents in one safe place in the cloud and access them from your computer, phone or tablet. The newest versions of the files are automatically saved to disk, so each employee will always have access to the current documents.

Your corporate data is always protected by two-step verification, a single sign-on system and mobile device management functions. This will help to keep the data, even if you lose the device or free employees.
You can always change your security settings using the centralized Admin Console, and if you have any questions, you can contact Google Support, which works 24/7.
Why is it better to work with G Suite through a partner?

In Ukraine, the authorized and certified partner of G Suite, Chrome OS and Google for Education is Techsvit, which provides online services for Goolge Cloud and G Suite - Gmail, Hangouts, Meet, Vault, Drive, Jamboard, Groups, Sites, Slides, Sheets, Docs for business and educational institutions, as well as providing free trial testing, implementation, configuration, migration, training and support for business clients in Ukraine and the CIS.

Google itself recommends working with G Suite through a partner, and not directly through Google, because such work gives customers a number of advantages. In Ukraine, there are 2 main advantages of working with a partner:

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Connection G Suite in Ukraine with non-cash bank payments in UAH.

Ordering G Suite in Ukraine through Techsvit, you receive a contract for the delivery of cloud services G Suite from the Ukrainian organization with payment through your company's settlement account, and even receive a full package of accounting and legal documents (bill, invoice and contract).

    qualified support at all stages of work.

Techsvit specialists are certified and advanced users of G Suite in Ukraine. Some of the certificates are below.

To each client an individual approach is applied, with the possibility of solving any existing problems. Techsvit specialists will help you to connect and configure G Suite, transfer data from your current system (Zimbra, Zoho, MS Office 365, MS Exhange of all versions, personal Gmail accounts, Yandex, hosting providers and other servers).

If necessary, it is possible to conduct trainings on working with G Suite for your teams and users and training G Suite administrators. During the whole period of cooperation, you can apply for technical and consulting support for your company.

Techsvit company is one of the first resellers of G Suite in Ukraine and the CIS and for years of work they prove their high qualification and level of service, confirming it directly in work and participating in various conferences:

    Steel Tambourine
    Smart Agro Business Forum
    Smart Agro Forum
    Chrome Summit Customer and Reseller's Day 2018 (Munich)

Also, Techsvit company introduced free G Suite for Education for skviranvk.org.ua and other educational institutions in Ukraine.

As the trend towards more efficient and flexible cooperation continues to spread across all enterprises, G Suite is the best solution for companies of all sizes - especially when looking to the future. For corporate customers who want to evaluate the benefits of the solution, G Suite Techsvit offers a trial 30-day testing period. You can send a request to google@techsvit.eu and the specialists of the company will help to connect your company or educational institution to G Suite or G Suite for Education.

If you are interested in this information and would like to know more, visit the website of Techsvit, the official partner of G Suite in Ukraine
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