In 1956, a specialist magazine, Interavia published an article that made sense. The article argued that humanity has major discoveries in the field of electrogravity. The author of the article showed that these findings were made in 1920 and that humanity uses them in the greatest secret.

All the studies that Tesla has done in this regard were seized in 1943 and classified as top secret.
At the end of the Second World War, the Americans together with the world's largest powers, the G20, launched a military program to conquer the cosmos called Moon Shadow, the Shadow of the Moon. The purpose of this program was to create anti-gravitation technology.

President Eisenhower was the one who signed the documents to start this program. Former scholars of this program stated that in 1948 man set his foot on the moon, and in 1954 mankind had the first military base on the Moon.

It is said that President Eisenhower signed a treaty with aliens. There was an exchange. Humankind was receiving technology from aliens, and in exchange, aliens received a human genome. One of the soldiers who participated in the project said that in 1987, 40 soldiers were taken on an anti-gravity aircraft called the Astra TR3B. After 90 minutes of flight, they reached the Moon where they were boarded on a flying saucer. In 15 minutes they reached Mars.

He described the Martian universe as a hostile universe, strong winds, rarefied oxygen, very low temperatures.
We do not know how true and how fabulous this assistant is, but one thing is certain, Eisenhower's great grandson discovered in the President's notes the description of the three encounters that the Americans had with the aliens.

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This was also supported by Timothy Good, a government consultant. He said the aliens were called Nordic and the meeting was carried out in the presence of FBI staff, military and White House officials.

The first meeting took place in 1954 at the military base of Edwards. In 1999 a letter was published, which Gordon Creighton, a co-chairman of the president, sent after this meeting to a knowledge.
The letter presents the encounter between aliens called the Nordic and the group led by the US president.

Aliens have proposed to the President a project to help mankind become accustomed to their existence. Eisenhower declined this participation claiming that mankind is not ready for such an impact.
Aliens made a demonstration of antigravity technology they had, and their ability to make UFOs invisible and undetectable radar.

The second meeting took place in 1955 at the military base of Spence, New Mexico. All communication lines have been interrupted, including radars. The meeting lasted 45 minutes and occurred inside a UFO.

The third meeting took place at the base of Holloman, where a treaty with aliens was concluded. They were allowed to do experiments at the Dolce and 51 Zones military bases. Instead, the aliens took over more of the soldiers they took to their bases on the Moon

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