Alcohol consumption is a major global cause of illness and mortality

Alcohol consumption is one of the world's leading causes of illness and death, the safest way to eliminate the risks is to avoid alcohol altogether, according to a study conducted for The Lancet.

"Worldwide, alcohol consumption in 2016 was the seventh risk factor for both deaths and disease incapacity (...). In the 15-49 age bracket, the consumption of alcohol was the main risk factor in the world in 2016 with a mortality rate of 3.8% among women and 12.2% among men, "the study shows.

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"Drinking alcohol is a major global health risk factor and generates substantial loss of health." We found that the risk of cancer mortality and cancer increases in proportion to the increase in alcohol consumption and the level of consumption that minimizes the loss of health is zero. suggests that alcohol control policies need to be reviewed globally, focusing on efforts to reduce consumption for all categories of citizens, "said the authors of the study, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

According to the study, alcohol consumption is associated with the production of 60 chronic and acute diseases. In 2016, 32.5% of the world's population consumes alcohol, or 2.4 billion people (1.5 billion men and 0.9 billion women). The main factors that can cause death due to alcohol consumption are tuberculosis, road accidents and self-harm, writes Mediafax.

"Drinking alcohol is one of the main causes of global illness and is responsible for almost 10% of deaths in the 15-49 age group, and in the absence of measures, alcohol generates serious health effects for the population. positive drinking behavior needs to be revised, especially as new methods and analyzes reveal causal links between alcohol consumption, mortality and disability. Our results show that the safest level of alcohol consumption is zero (... ) Policies that focus on reducing alcohol consumption will be most effective in reducing the risk of illness, "the authors of the study said.

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