A crucial aspect of conscious experiences has been revealed

Constantly, people go through a flow of subjective experiences that is interrupted only during sleep and periods of deep unconsciousness. Finnish researchers at Turku University have shown that these subjective experiences can fit into five main categories: positive emotions, negative emotions, cognitive functions, somatic states and illnesses. All of this is saturated with body sensations.

"These results show that conscious feelings derive from the body's response. Although consciousness arises due to brain functions and we experience consciousness as if it is "housed" in the brain, the body contributes significantly to a wide variety of subjective experiences, "said Lauri Nummenmaa of Turku PET Center.

According to the researchers, emotions color our experiences as pleasant and unpleasant. It is possible that during the evolution, consciousness has appeared to inform the bodies and those around them about the state of health. This development would pave the way for the emergence of language, thinking and reason, writes Science Daily.

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"The well-subjective state is an important determinant of our prosperity, and pain and negative emotions are fundamentally linked to multiple somatic and psychological diseases. Our findings help to understand how diseases and conditions of the body generally influence subjective feelings. It also demonstrates the strong incorporation of emotional and cognitive states, "Nummenmaa said.

The study was completed as an online questionnaire of more than a thousand people. The participants evaluated a total of 100 states depending on how much body and mind experiences occur and how strong and controllable they are. They also assessed how similar these experiences are and where they can feel in the body.

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