The Mark of the Beast - 666 - Who And What Is The Antichrist?

Regarding the controversial fragment that mentions the "beast's sign" and its number - 666 - despite the intense dissertation that claims to define the name of Emperor Roman Nero (in Hebrew the symbols 666 read "Neron Kesar"), famous for cruelty and its wickedness, it seems that the meaning of the verse in which it appears, has much deeper connotations, as some analysts point out:

"And he made that all, small and great, rich and poor, free and slaves, receive a sign on his right hand or on his forehead, and no one can buy or sell without having that mark, that is, the name of the beast or the name of the name they "(Revelation, 13-16, 17).

"Buying" and "selling" is related to how man is referring to good and bad, choices he makes and his power of discernment in various situations - the decisions he adopts that place him in one camp or another , depending on the power with which he opposes deceit and deceit.

The sign on the right hand and the forehead represents the metaphorical expression of "what you do" and "what you think," and not a literal inscription of some symbols on the skin, as many pessimists are imagining that tell of troubled times, in which people will be forced to tact effectively with the seal of evil.

A personal assistant is often defined as the boss's "right hand" without replacing his arm, and the formula "written on your forehead" reveals an expressive face that does not hide thoughts and / or intentions.

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If it goes deeper into the analysis of the text of the Apocalypse, even the name of the Antichrist gets different meanings, depending on the interpretations of those who address this subject: some claim that the Antichrist is the devil himself, others that it is about anyone who opposes God .

But perhaps the greatest question mark floating on the text of Revelation is related to the reason why Satan is freed and allowed to start a new war after a thousand years of flourishing peace under the rule of good and his reign Jesus.

It is supposed that behind this sequence of events is a test, a test designed to test people's power to withstand the devilish challenges after a millennium of well-being and the full harmony gained during the reign of Jesus.

The purpose of this deployment would be to "filter" definitively the chaff of wheat and to remove those who serve the devil and whose number would be impressive: "... Their number shall be as the sand of the sea" (Revelation 20-8).

In conclusion, perhaps the only thing on which all critics of Revelation fully agree would be the perspective of the throne of God and the Lamb, which triumphs the good of good over evil, of peace over war and harmony over chaos, like an invaluable treasure in which man manages thousands of years, but only those who are faithful.

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