The content of the mysterious sarcophagus in Alexandria was analyzed. Discovering archaeologists about the identity of the skeletons

Archaeologists have studied in detail the remains found in a mysterious black sarcophagus. Inside the sarcophagus were placed the skeletons of two men and a woman who lived during Ptelomeika.

Discovered in Alexandria in July, the sarcophagus is considered the largest in the region. According to Science Alert, the absence of an inscription has fueled global speculation about its content.

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When it was opened, the specialists discovered inside him bones and a strange liquid. Recent analyzes have led to the conclusion that the three skeletons belonged to military officers. But the discovery does not completely solve the mystery since the ancient Egyptian armies did not usually include women

The woman discovered in the sarcophagus was about 20-25 years old and about 1.64 height. Both men were older. The first one was about 35-39 years old and a height of 1.65, and the second one was about 40-44 years old and a height of 1.84. The second oldest man had an interesting feature. A small hole that was almost cured, suggesting that the man lived for a long time since the wound was produced. This would most likely have been the result of a medical practice called trepanation.

"This intervention is one of the oldest medical practices, but it was rarely done in Egypt," said Zeinab Hashish, director of the Department of Skeleton Remains Studies at the Ministry of Antiquities. Over time, only a few skulls in ancient Egypt showed traces of trepanation. Archaeologists also believe that the deceased were buried at different times

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