Physicists have created knots from the laser beam

A team of physicists linked the light to a torus node. Researchers described in a new paper how they managed to make two laser waves interact with one another and ultimately create a knot.

This type of nodes are used as a mathematical term for any form of space that creates a loop around it. According to Live Science, by exploiting the complex forms of the light waves, while they vibrated in two different directions along a trajectory, the specialists managed to create a knot in the electromagnetic field of light.

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The created nodes could be seen in the light wavelength data images by means of a special technology. They also confirmed their discovery by using the mathematical theory of nodes. To create nodes, researchers polarized two rays of light. The nodes formed around the "polarization singularities" were represented by the intersection of the rays in the area where the wavelengths were equal, and a series of other wavelengths of light created loops around them.

"We are accustomed to doing this process in tangible substances, such as shoelaces. But, in the case of light, things become a little more complex, it's not about knotting a ray like a string, but about the whole space or "field" they are in, "said Mark Dennis, a physicist and author of the paper in the University of Bristol.

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