More scary engraving rocks have reappeared in Europe

Europe is subject to extreme heat waves, and this has led to the discovery of some strange things.

Mysterious traces of an ancient society have been discovered in the Czech Republic. According to the Science Alert, a series of engraved rocks, called "hunger stones", reappeared after the drought that affected Central Europe.

These rocks are usually under the river Elba that passes through the city of Decin in the north of the country, but the low water level has led to the reappearance of the inscriptions on the rocks.

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Taking into account the current conditions, more than 10 of these rocks can be observed today in Děčín. The rocks contain inscriptions dating back to 1616 that would be translated as "If you see me sigh".

Although many of the inscriptions date back to 1616, the rocks recall the many droughts that have occurred since 1417. Other rocks in Germany have the drought record set in 1417. "If you see this rocking sigh again so low was the water level in 1417 ".

The inscriptions greatly appealed to sadness because the drought represented the lack of crops and, ultimately, food or increased food prices. While the water level decreased transport to the worst was difficult, which endangered the lives of families living along the shore.

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