A nude image of Marilyn Monroe was discovered 56 years after the actress's death

A nude scene with Marilyn Monroe, which was not included in the 1961 film and is known to have been destroyed, has been rediscovered, according to the author of a new American star biography. .co.uk
Writer Charles Casillo was documenting his new book, "Marilyn Monroe: The Private Life of a Public Icon" - which was released Tuesday - when he discovered that film producer Frank Taylor kept the video, although it was known that most unused scenes have been destroyed.

Taylor's son, Curtice, told Casillo that the record was kept in a closed drawer since 1999 when his father died, writes Mediafax.

In this scene, which lasts for 45 seconds, with Monroe and Clark Gable, the actress gives up a blanket that covers her naked body. Apparently it was her idea to shoot that scene. Eventually, film director John Huston did not include the scene.

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Writer Arthur Miller, Monroe's husband at the time, wrote the screenplay.

If it had not been cut out, it would have been one of the first nude scenes of an American actress in a Hollywood movie.

Clark Gable died ten days after filming ended.

Monroe died in 1962, while short film "Something's Got to Give" (1962), by George Cukor, was in the production stage. A nude scene she filmed for this production was considered Monroe's first film.

With a career in 16-year-old cinema, though with no experience in the field before being promoted as a symbolic sex, Marilyn Monroe has become a world-class legend - with 29 films in recordings, appearances in magazines - and Muse for many artists. The American actress holds the Golden Globe for her role in "Some Like Jazz" and a nomination for the same trophy for her career in "Bus Stop". She also received two nominations for the BAFTA Awards for her roles in the Seven Years of Marriage and The Prince and the Dancer.

Marilyn Monroe died on August 5, 1962, at the age of 36, due to an overdose of drugs and drugs.

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