A French park hired six crows to collect garbage

We already know that the birds of the Corvids family are extremely intelligent. Currently, six crabs have been trained to collect garbage from the Puy du Fou theme park in western France.

Every time Boubou, Bamboo, Bill, Black, Bricole and Baco store a cigar or other small pieces of garbage in a special device, they are offered a reward. According to the Science Alert, Christopher Gaborit's coach was the idea. In the show, the crows are trained to take roses from the audience to bring them to a princess.

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So he began to train the corvids to accomplish a task in exchange for receiving a reward.

Clowns have started their work recently and are working four days a week under the supervision of a member of the park, whose task is not to check whether the crows do their job, but whether people willingly throw garbage on the ground to be taken by birds.

The purpose of engaging the crows is not just to clean the park, but also to make visitors aware of the disposal of garbage on foot. "The purpose of crows is to educate people. It's a fun way to show people that they can not throw all the papers, "said Nicolas de Villers, the park manager.

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