6 Ways to Learn English Fast

On how to speed up the learning process and not give up lessons in a week.

The secret method for a month to learn the language does not exist. If someone promises you a miracle - do not believe. But the process can be accelerated to overcome the barrier in half a year and finally speak English. The Lifehacker and the experts of the online school of English Skyeng share simple tips.

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1. Learn Online

It is online classes that help you learn quickly. To go in bad weather to the other end of the city is lazy, but the Internet is always at hand. Adapting your schedule to the schedule of courses, arrangements with teachers, wasting time on the road - all this bothers and slows down the process. Choose online courses. What makes life easier, increases motivation.

    Many, choosing between a cozy evening at home and a long trip to the courses, decide that they will live without English.

Rid yourself of the reasons to skip lessons - make a convenient personal timetable. In Skyeng teachers work in all time zones, so you can study at any time, even in the middle of the night.

Online classes are also good because all materials, texts, videos, dictionaries are collected in one place: in an application or on a website. And homework and at all are checked automatically directly in process of their performance.

2. Study at leisure

Do not limit yourself to the time of the lesson. Learning a language is not just about doing exercises. You can pump skill by listening to songs and podcasts or reading English-language bloggers.

Everyone knows how important it is to watch movies and serials with English subtitles, but not everyone is aware that there are special training applications for this. Skyeng online translators are associated with the same application on your phone, so new words can be repeated at any time.

For example, if you install a special extension in the Google Chrome browser, you can read any texts in English, and if you hover over a word or phrase, you can immediately see their translation. The same with subtitles for online theaters. Each word can be translated directly in the course of viewing. These words are added to the personal dictionary and sent to the mobile application, where in their spare time they can be repeated and memorized.

Skyeng has even special free English courses, invented on the basis of films about Harry Potter and the series "Sherlock". In general, the more English around you is out of class, the faster you will move forward.

3. Work with the teacher

You can and without it, but we want to learn faster. There are many websites, applications and channels dedicated to English. But only the teacher will be able to explain the difference between Present Perfect and Past Continuous at the right moment, not to give up learning at the first difficulty, correct pronunciation, track progress. If you want a result, do not choose between the teacher and useful sites. They can and should be combined.
It's not so important, a Russian-speaking or English-speaking teacher. The main thing is that the teacher should be the teacher, not the biologist from London, the translator from Peter or the mechanic from Adelaide. Talking in a language and teaching it are two different things.

There is an important nuance: it is better to engage a beginner with a Russian-speaking teacher. And with a native speaker it's time to communicate to those who have already reached at least Upper Intermediate.

In Skyeng for a free introductory lesson, an experienced instructor-instructor will determine your level of language, help you set ambitious but realistic goals, and recommend which teacher to choose.

4. Learn the language at work

Watching the "Game of Thrones" without translation during working hours is not a good idea. But reading the articles and studies relevant to the case - on the contrary.

Almost all fresh materials are published in English. You can either wait for a few months (and not wait) when the text is translated into Russian, or translate it yourself. Get a double benefit: upgrade the professional level and replenish the vocabulary.

To translate an article, you can arm yourself with a dictionary and write new words each time in a notebook. But there is a way easier and more efficient: an extension for the Vimbox Translate browser. Translate with it easier and faster, and new words can be added to the dictionary in one of Skyeng's private rooms with a single click.

5. Do your homework

The phrase "homework" causes a lot of anguish and apathy in many people. But in Skyeng they are more like a game. For correct answers you get points. As a result, the execution of tasks becomes a competition with yourself: you want to earn more points and surpass the previous result.

Since all training takes place on an online platform, homework is also checked automatically - you will see your mistakes immediately. You will not spend time on homework assignments, but only discuss difficult questions and questions with the teacher. But the essay and conversational exercises will be checked by a separate team of specialists.

6. Do not teach superfluous

Basically it's about memorizing words that you will never need. Save time and learn the most frequent words. In English, millions of words, but even educated speakers in everyday speech use only a few thousand.

    Research by Red Words and Stars. , conducted by the authors of the dictionary Macmillan, showed that 2,500 most common words cover 80% of English speech.

The Oxford dictionary produced similar results - 3,000 words. They need to be learned in the first place. Skyeng collected all the most commonly used words in the Golden 3 000 mini-dictionary, which is available in school applications. Using them, you can understand most movies and songs, read books and articles, watch news and video blogs, and communicate with other people. It's more effective than cramming an obsolete dictionary.

To enter words into the lexicon, they need to be used regularly. If the task is to learn quickly, it is important to practice the spoken language as much as possible. It's good when most of the lesson is spoken by the student rather than by the teacher. Even better, when there is a special counter for this, as in Skyeng's online office. The teacher keeps track of the student's speech at least 60% of the class. If you follow this rule, no language barrier will stand.

  •     In order not to drop out of school, it is necessary to engage with a teacher who will help to sort out the difficulties in time.
  •     To speak English, you need to speak English.
  •     To keep motivation, it is important to engage in interesting materials and best of all online.
  •     In addition, the study of language is important system. The more English there is around you, the better. To start learning English, sign up for a free introductory lesson.

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