YouTube adds Dark View mode and the Android app interface

Although it owns both platforms, Google is in no hurry to implement the latest features in the YouTube version of DarkMode, a very popular web browser interface theme, and now it's in the mobile app as well.

The scenario repeats, with many of the enhancements for YouTube coming first in the iOS version of the app. The simpler explanation for this is how Google prioritizes the service enhancement in the Apple ecosystem and provides more resources for the development of iOS applications.

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The YouTube Dark theme is much more comfortable for using the app at night and changes the white background to a gray hue and adapts to the color of the rendered text for optimal visibility.

Another novelty is to customize the application so that clips with a different aspect ratio than 16: 9 are scaled better and the black bars that are displayed vertically are removed as much as possible.

The new YouTube version of Android with the "Dark Mode" option in the "General Settings" menu will be gradually distributed. It may take a few days for the update to be available on the Play Store.

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