Unbelievable Ancient Technologies - The Secret of Steel from Damascus

Damascus steel, used to make blades, has an impeccable reputation even today, due to its hardness and strength. It was known that Damascus steel blades could cut the pipe of a rifle or the hair strands dropped on them.

Damascus steel is a legendary material that was widely used by the warriors of the past, including the Crusaders. The remarkable features of this legendary steel became famous when the first Crusaders arrived in the Middle East at the beginning of the 11th century.

People were amazed at the unique properties of these blades. It is said that the swords made of this material had the ability to split a feather that floats in the air.

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Moreover, these swords kept their sharp edges even after numerous battles. Swords could easily be recognized according to the characteristic pattern, similar to the waves, on their blades.

The armor makers of swords, shields and armor from Damascus kept their secret method over the centuries. But with the advent of firearms, the secret was lost.

Several centuries later, people tried to recreate Damascus steel by inverse engineering. In other words, at a time when cars go alone, we are still unable to discover the secret of these extraordinary ancient technologies.

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