The 'perfect' human body does not look like we imagine it

Anatomist Alice Robert has made a model of the "perfect" human body defying the current standards of beauty. Under the new model, Roberts replaced the features that have a reduced utility with parts of animals that could improve human capabilities, she says.

Roberts collaborated with artists and biologists to create his own human body model, altered from head to foot with new capabilities that can improve human form. According to Live Science, specialists have created an Alice Roberts 2.0 that resembles a man, but has new features such as: feline ears, a marsupials and oversized eyes, like those of octopuses.

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To create the ideal body, Roberts was subjected to a complete 3D scan that anatomist artists and sculptors used as a digital base for the new improved body. Then Robets handed them a list of the changes he wanted. At the top of the list were "big ears of feline" to amplify sound, and eye pupils enlarged with a structure like the octopus. She turned to the strategy of giving birth to the animals with a marsupial to avoid the difficulties encountered by the usual birth.

As a substitute for human legs, Roberts turned to the lower limbs of the ostrich. The other improvements were inside, lungs like birds, which process oxygen more efficiently, a shorter and more stable backbone, such as that of chimpanzees, and several connections between the coronary arteries that allow blood to flow to all areas of the heart.

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