The nuclear fusion will be accessible in just a decade

A private company was able to heat for the first time hydrogen plasma at 15 million degrees Celsius (hotter than the sun's core) in a new reactor.

Those from Tokamak Energy in the United Kingdom said the new test is a new milestone in humanity's way to nuclear power generation by nuclear fusion, which is possible by 2030, writes Live Science.

The company, which is named after the vacuum chamber in which the fusion reaction is carried out instead of strong magnetic fields, announced the creation of extremely hot plasma in the ST40 experimental fusion reactor.

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The successful test - the highest plasma temperature so far achieved by the company - means that the reactor is now ready for a 100 million-degree plasma test. The future test will put ST40 into the operating temperature range required for controlled nuclear fusion.

Also, by 2025, the company plans to build another reactor that will produce more megawatts of energy.

The ST40 reactor has a spherical and compact shape, different from donut-like reactors such as the ITER reactor.

An essential advantage of the former is that it can use some superconducting magnets to create a magnetic field strong enough not to damage the walls of the room. The 2.1 meter high electromagnets around the Tokamak Energy reactor are cooled with liquid helium to operate at temperatures of -253.15 degrees Celsius.

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