The most sinister personality test tells you who you really are. Do you have the courage to do it?

The pages of magazines or sites you visit frequently are full of such quizzes that you fill in either curiosity or entertainment. Although their validity is often low, you can find yourself in the final descriptions and look better from this perspective.

We also offer you a test, this time very special, which will give you some details about you. Before you start, you should know that this test is also called the sinister test and is considered a good way to stimulate your subconscious.

Each question is followed by a brief explanation. Are you ready?

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Question 1 - Bird

It's your favorite moment of the day. You sat on a bench in the park and think about things. Suddenly, you see a bird in front of you who looks fixed on you. What color does the bird have?

If you've already thought of an answer, find out what the interpretations are:

Colored. You have a positive look on life and you always have the smile on your lips. Optimism defines you, and those around you rely on yourself when you have to overcome a difficult time in your life.

White. You are a peaceful one and you do not like to argue. Solve any conflict with calm and diplomacy, and this is highly appreciated by others.

Black. You always have the feeling that you are in danger, and that makes you very agitated and fearful.

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