The Fermi Paradox has been reassessed: Humans are the only intelligent civilization in the universe

A group of specialists from Oxford University reassessed the Fermi Paradox and concluded that humans are the only civilisation at present. The Fermi paradox contains the apparent contradictions to the existence of many extraterrestrial civilizations, but the allegations are lacking evidence. According to the Tech Times, they have a central point of search for Extretarestre intelligence. 

In the new study, the Paradox was reassessed through the Drake equation, originally proposed in 1960. The equation is used to calculate the chances of discovery of intelligent life in the universe. The main idea is that, despite a small amount of evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence, the immense number of locations that could accommodate such creatures should contain a similar number of observable civilisations. 

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According to Sudiului based on existing knowledge currently held by Earthlings, it seems that mankind is the only intelligent species in the observable universe or even the entire Milky Way at this time.
The Fermi paradox

The paradox was proposed by physicist Enrico Fermi in 1950. He's become popular because he's trying to get an answer to the "Where are the aliens" question. Since the earth is part of a young planetary system, the paradox is based on the idea that extraterrestrials would have visited our world by now. But so far, aliens have not been detected.

In 2013, Dr. Anders Sandberg, one of the authors of the present study, proposed, according to the Fermi Paradox, that other extraterrestrial beings are not dead, but in a state of hibernation or expectation of favorable conditions in the universe.
The Drake equation

In the current study, Sandberg and two other colleagues have reevalut the Fermi paradox, applying parameters to the Drake equation. They incorporated patterns of the chemical and genetic factors of the evolution of life in the universe. The new assessment reveals the existence of a major amount of uncertainty about extraterrestrial intelligent life forms.

The equation used in the study is mathematically expressed as follows: N = R * x fp x ne x fl x fi x FC X L.

The symbol (N) is the number of civilizations in the galaxy that may have the capability to communicate with humans. (N) can be determined by multiplying the average rate of formation of the stars in the Galaxy, which is represented by the symbol (R *). The symbol (FP) represents a fraction of these stars that have planets; (NE) represents the number of planets that can sustain life; (FL) is the number of planets with civilizations that extraterrestrial intelligence can develop; (FC) is the number of civilisations that could develop communication technologies and, finally, (L) represent the time period that would be necessary for these civilizations to transmit signals into space.

The number of scientific uncertainties derived from calculus has helped scientists reach the conclusion that people are alone in the universe.

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