The cost of tickets to space from Blue Origin has become known. Start saving: this is your only chance

The fact that Blue Origin will begin selling tickets for its space tour next year, we learned last month. And if you are not a billionaire, not an astronaut and not one of the madmen who will go to the Big Fucking Rocket of Ilona Mask to Mars, start saving money: perhaps this is your only chance to go to space. Of course, there is still Vomit Comet, but that's not it at all. Jeff Bezos will take only $ 200,000 from you. However, there is still Virgin Galactic, but they have problems.

However, it is possible, the price will rise and up to 300 000 dollars because of the influx of those who wish. You can take a loan.

Space company Blue Origin, one of Bezos's favorite projects, did not make any statements regarding the commercial side of flights, however two experts close to the questions told Reuters that ticket prices will start from $ 200,000 per person.

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This one-time fee will allow you to travel with five other people to a height of 100 kilometers over our planet, which is well above the cruise altitude of commercial aircraft. Once there, you will experience a few minutes of weightlessness and see the curve of the planet, after which the capsule will sink to Earth.

If you are just a rich man who believes that the Earth is flat, you will definitely need to fly. In the capsule, there are six surveillance windows, which are three times larger than those of the Boeing 747, so you will see everything.

Travel with Blue Origin will be autonomous: except for you in the cockpit will be empty. However, the company has not even conducted flight tests with real people. Just completed eight test flights without them.

What if the rocket explodes in the middle of the flight? Well, the company will test the capsule ejection system "in a few weeks".

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