Suspicions related to OPPO Find X have been confirmed. The construction of the phone is not durable

OPPO Find X is by far the most impressive phone on the market, both in terms of design and integrated technology. The case is almost entirely made of glass. The sliding component hiding the cameras and sensors in the phone body raises the first moments of the question of Find X's resistance, but now we have the verdict. The new OPPO flagship is not exactly a rugged phone.

JerryRigEverything's Resistance Test confirms the fears that we had when OPPO introduced Find X for the first time: the advanced braking system is a sensitive point in its design. While the phone is largely made of high-quality materials similar to those on other devices, such as Gorilla Glass 5 glass on both sides and a metal frame, the fact that it comes in the context of joining the two components to a weak point in the frame structure.

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Even if it turns into normal parameters compared to normal scratch tests, the bending test transforms the phone into a glass, metal and plastic amalgam. The display is almost immediately destroyed, followed by the two front and rear glass panes. The problem seems to be due to the fact that Find X has a lot of plastic inside, OPPO uses this material to mount the components inside, while most companies use a metal frame with component support in the middle.

With a price of about 1,000 euros, we would have expected Find X to be more resilient. Other companies have learned from these kinds of mistakes and solved problems on new generation devices, so there is a chance that the next slider OPPO smartphone will be more resilient. For the moment, however, those who buy Find X should protect it as much as possible and do their best not to sit down when the phone is in the back pocket.

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