Snares have the ability to create tools through memory

The fact that some birds can build tools is a study in detail, but a new research shows that corvids have the mental capacity to pass on the knowledge of future generations of crows. Earlier, some researchers thought that crows could only mimic certain things.

Snares are considered among the smartest animals in the animal kingdom. According to the Tech Times, they can remember their human faces and hide their food. The main concern of the specialists was that these birds could only mimic the ability to build tools, being unable to learn the practice from other crows.

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"The New Caledonia slings project tools and can transmit these skills to future generations," the authors of the study noted.

Specialists have conducted several tests to analyze the memory of the crows. They trained eight wild crows to put small pieces of paper in a vending machine to receive food. Researchers said the crowd learned over time that only small pieces of paper that had a certain length would be accepted by the automaton.

To test their memory, the researchers removed the small pieces of paper and replaced them with pieces too large to enter the slot machine. Birds used their beak to tear off large pieces of paper in some that were similar in size to those that were accepted by the machine. To prove that the birds used their memory, the researchers assured that there would be no piece of paper that would have been similar to what the machine accepted.

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