Scientists have long shown that a man creates his own life

In 1961, Klaus Jensen did a famous experiment, there were two slot plates and an electron source. If you do not remember, I will remind you:

On the plates of the two slots, there were screens which are sensitive elements that projected electrons and emitted them one after the other and fixed electrons behind the plate. Electrons jumped over the slits of the plate, leaving traces of interference of waves on the screen (mutual amplification or attenuation of waves when interference-waves overlap). A pair of parallel bands. That is, the electron behaved like a wave. However, when the experimenter finds the slot through which each electron passes and arranges the sensor in the slot to fix the electrons, the electrons behave like particles and two bands on the opposite side of the two slots of the plate are on the screen . .

In other words, the electron initially had no precise coordinates in the physical universe, potentially possessing a range of possible coordinates, it was a wave, it spread to the universe. But as soon as scientists decided to find the exact coordinates of electrons in the universe, they appeared. In other words, scientists determined the coordinates of the range of electrons and determined the course of events in the physical universe. For a long time mysticists have said that people have the ability to determine the process of events in space, usually without understanding it.

However, scientists try to ignore obvious things and propose different theories to explain this phenomenon. For example, the dominant theory now is that the sensors installed in the slots affect the experience, not the people's consciousness. And they make the waves become particles. However, the screen is the same sensor and why it does not affect it. Why sensors can influence electrons, is human consciousness not so? And how do these sensors affect electrons? What is the mechanism? They can not answer these questions.

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It is a war of scientists with mystics and centuries and usually goes crazy to say something and there are all non-scientists who enter the business. They never recognize that mystics know the universe and life more than them.

And as scientists recognize the outcome of this experience, it becomes common sense and people recognize it, so everyone will consciously begin to decide the events of their lives.

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