Scientists have confirmed that life after death exists

For many centuries scientists have been arguing: is there life after death? There have been many studies and thousands of experiments. Believers believe that a person has a soul, and after death, he goes to another world.

Scientists said that this is not a soul, but molecules that break down into a multitude of neurons. And it was explained that twenty one grams is not the weight of the soul, but only molecules.

But recently, American scientists have begun to doubt and put forward a new theory that life after death can still be.

This assumption has already been repeatedly investigated by scientists of the University. About ten years ago they found activity on encephalograms. Such electrical surges were observed by Dutch scientists in animals.

And although believers explain this as the separation of the soul from the body, and therefore they spark, separating one from the other.

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But as it turned out, there is no phenomenon here. Such active powerful bursts accompany each dying person. Simply neurons are under constant voltage, and when separated from the flesh, twist positive ions.

But the controversy will continue, because, having found an explanation - we will be able to find the answers. Including the most mysterious questions of mankind. And how can it be explained that people who returned from the other world, after a clinical death, saw strange phenomena.

Approximately 50% of the deceased understand that they are leaving this world, 31% are flying through the tunnel to the light, 26% are seeing angels, 32% are meeting their deceased relatives and 18% are meeting with all manifestations at once.

Therefore, American scientists did not completely reject this theory, because stopping the actions of neurons does not mean the termination of electronic impulses.

Thanks to the professor of anesthesiology and psychology from the University of Arizona, it became known that a person after death does not disappear without a trace, and his atoms fly and are literally built into the fabric of the universe.

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