Researchers suggest a classification system similar to the Richter scale

Hundreds of researchers spend their annual hours searching for alien signs of life. They find occasional radio signals, but they often turn out to be easy to explain. To avoid the emergence of extraterrestrial alerts, the researchers propose a classification system called Rio 2.0, which will try to determine the probability of correctness for each reported event.

The Rio 2.0 system operates on a scale of 0 to 10, where zero means that the signal does not come from extraterrestrial sources, while 10 is an equivalent alien probe around the Earth or the extraterrestrial (3rd degree) handle. according to Duncan Forgan, one of the researchers working on this project at the University of St Andrews. The system is not exactly the same as a scale for earthquakes like Richter or Mercalli.

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Signals categorized with Rio 2.0 ratings are then verified by other researchers and re-noted that the Rio 2.0 system can be widely used by anyone without much practice in the field. Most of the phenomena recorded in Seti (search for extraterrestrial intelligence) can be easily explained, often by picking up antennas by receiving signals from transposition stations or by recording signals due to poor calibration or other malfunctions.

Among the events recently recorded with methods to search for life outside the solar system, one can mention the megastructure around a star built by a sophisticated civilization that turned out to be false and has the "wow" message of the Russians researchers it was taken from space. With the Rio 2.0 system, these results could be categorized and then reviewed by other researchers to come to a conclusion before this type of information gets into the press, which could lead to further false reporting.

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