OnePlus 6 achieves a very good score in DxOMark tests

OnePlus manages every year to find an interesting balance between performance and price, which can hardly be outdone in the smartphone industry. Of course, integrating high performance components into a cheaper smartphone than competition requires compromise, and it is usually the camera that suffered. In the case of OnePlus 6, the situation does not seem to be bad, and it is very close to the performance of competing devices on the market, according to DxOMark.

Those who used OnePlus 6 in the nearly two months since it was on the market probably knew that the phone was very performing when it comes to making photos, but those who were not yet convinced now have proof. The verdict of DxOMark tests weighs heavily when it comes to photo and video capture tests, and in the case of OnePlus it certainly will help many users who were not yet determined to buy it because they were not convinced they had a high-performance camera.

In DxOMark tests, OnePlus 6 has reached a score of 100 for photo capture and 87 for video capture. The positive points were natural colors, correct exposure time and white balance, response speed and a good balance between image noise and details, while stabilization was praised for video capture. It seems, however, that the "portrait" mode is still not perfect, blurring some elements that should remain clear, while in the video chapter, in light light, many details are lost, and the sharpness effect that attempts to compensate for this lack makes everything look more artificial.

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However, a 96-point aggregate score puts OnePlus 6 over rivals such as Apple's iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung's Galaxy Note8, but on a step below the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2s, Huawei Mate 10 Pro and iPhone X, which each scored a score of 97 points. Above all, there are more expensive models such as Google Pixel 2, Galaxy S9 Plus, Huawei P20 HTC U12 + and Huawei P20 Pro, some of them even exceeding an aggregate score of 100 points (P20 Pro is 109 points).

Thus, OnePlus 6 demonstrates that there is not much to compromise when it comes to a cheap and performing device. Most of the problems your phone has on your photo can be solved with software updates, and the company is already promising improvements to this.

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