NASA to launch the first probe that will "touch the Sun"

NASA is preparing to launch a probe to the sun. The Parker Solar Probe will reach the closest point to the star of our solar system, being considered the first mission to "touch" the Sun. The probe will be launched on August 4, according to the NASA official announcement. Independently notes that the announcement comes after some delays where ground specialists have made sure the ship is ready.

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The launch will take place on 4 August at 4:00 a.m. EDT on the platform in Cape Canavera, Florida, aboard a United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy missile. The small probe, which has the size of a car, will reach about 6.11 million kilometers away from the sun. In that region the temperature reaches 1,400 degrees Celsius, and the probe will be protected by a carbon shield of 11,43 centimeters thick.

When it arrives at the destination, the probe will "track energy and heat movements through the Sun's atmosphere and explore what accelerates solar winds and solar energy particles." These processes have significant effects on the Earth, NASA says. Researchers are looking for the answers that the probe will provide for over 60 years, and the mission idea came in 1990. But there was no solution at the time for the probe to survive extreme temperatures.

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