Moon collection of Neil Armstrong will be auctioned

In 1969, Apollo 11 astronaut, Neil Armstrong, became the first person to step on the moon. Now, after 49 years, his family offers at auction several rare objects of the astronaut.

Though objects will not be cheap, those who have the opportunity can buy some memories of the Moon. According to the Science Alert, among the objects in the collection are Robbins' medals, several flags, but also pieces of the plane that made the first successful flight in human history.

"There will be objects with important autographs and histories," said Mark, son of Neil Armstrong. "There will be objects that make you laugh, make you think or leave you puzzled," he added.

Robbins' medallions are largely made of silver that has been produced and distributed to each astronaut, beginning with the Apollo 7 mission. Each mission is made between 255 and 450 but is made in a much smaller number and 14 gold medallions karate. These are only offered to astronauts participating in the flight. One of these medals will be sold at the auction.

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