Huawei could beat Samsung in the race for the first foldable screen phone

Samsung talks about flexible displays and collapsible devices, but in recent years, innovation in this direction has come from China. Lenovo has repeatedly presented prototypes of this kind, while ZTE has launched the folding two-screen phone Axon M on the market. Huawei could be the company that manages to release the first smartphone with a foldable screen in a limited series.

According to Nikkei, Huawei has found a new partner for flexible OLED displays, the Chinese manufacturer of BOE components (Beijing Oriental Electronics). The company could produce a limited series of such displays, with which Huawei will develop an exclusive series of devices. In the past, Huawei hastened to bring to market devices equipped with new technologies that other competitors could have, such as sapphire-protected screens or Force Touch technology.

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But it is unclear what it will look like and how another such device will work. Many rumors about the Samsung phone suggest a mix between a phone and a tablet while others only have a very long phone that can be folded in half. We also do not know how the interfaces of the mobile operating system will evolve to provide the best user experience on such a display.

BOE has evolved significantly in recent years and presents its technologies in OLED screens at various technology shows. Incidentally, the company will produce LCD displays including Apple's iPhone to complement the production of other partner companies such as LG Display.

In fact, many companies probably expect someone to take the first step to benefit from the feedback that attracts such a device. So we will see from the second or third generation on really good folding devices, the former being generations of victims who will impress more through design than through skills. Samsung will probably not be so upset if Huawei accelerates the production of such a device under these conditions.

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