Gorilla vs Brown Bear

Today we will find out who is stronger, a gorilla or a brown bear. The answer to this question is of interest to many, and it's time to give it. In order not to violate the established traditions, at first we learn about these animals a little more:

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Gorillas are the largest monkeys in the world. The growth of the largest males of the eastern flat gorillas can reach 2 meters, and the body weight 270 kg. They have great physical strength, and very high intelligence. The body of the largest primates is covered with dark hair. Gorillas are live in western and central Africa, inhabiting the equatorial forests. They live in small groups, where the leader is always the strongest and oldest. Gorillas feed on plant foods, much less often insects. They have very strong teeth and strong jaws. The life span of gorillas is 30 to 50 years, but in captivity they can live much longer.

Brown bear

Brown bears live in Russia, USA, Canada, Japan and Europe. The length of their body is 2 meters, and the mass reaches 700 kg. The average weight of these animals is 300 to 500 kg. The body is covered with thick brown fur. Brown bears are omnivorous predators, preferring both vegetable and animal food. They lead a single way of life, the duration of which is from 20 to 50 years.

Who will win?

These two species of animals can not meet in the wild, but this does not prevent us from revealing the strongest. Although, I think most of you guess who will be the winner, after acquaintance with opponents. If we imagine a duel of a large male gorilla weighing 270 kg and a large bear weighing 700 kg, it is obvious that the primacy will have absolutely no chance. Mishka surpasses the enemy in size more than 2 times, and therefore the outcome of the bout is predictable. What will happen if the opponents perform in the same weight category?

Well, let the mass of a gorilla and a bear be 250 kg. In this case, the victory will depend on the motivation and mood of the animals. Gorillas are peaceful and, despite their physical strength, they try to avoid fighting, driving out strangers by threatening behavior. Bears are fearful and it is quite possible that, faced with an equal size animal, besides making loud noises, the bear will retreat without even trying to defeat the opponent. In this scenario, it will be possible to award a victory to a large monkey. However, if the battle occurs, then, most likely, the winner will be a brown bear. The claws, teeth and power of the bear will play a decisive role, besides, he is a predator who knows how to win in the game of life, which can not be said of the peace-loving gorilla.

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