Gamers spent 17 years searching for hidden functions Silent Hill 2

Enthusiasts have uncovered a secret that for many years hid in itself Silent Hill 2. It's no wonder that the mystery of the game had to be spent 17 years. Few people want to go through this chilling horror over and over again and look at all the details in detail - then you'd have to take your legs and keep your nerves. But some people like to keep themselves in suspense and study a gloomy town, so they did not think to put the game back on the far shelf. In the end, the curiosity of the most meticulous was rewarded.

The study of horror is a thankless task. In the process of searching for cryptic messages from developers, you can turn gray, lose a couple pounds due to nerves and generally stop loving such entertainment. But the most stubborn never give up: there is a game - there must be secrets. Silent Hill had two such surprises.

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The first and most interesting finding is a mini-map, which can be activated with a special combination on the gamepad. Start, L2, square, left stick (you have to click on it) - and now the cherished interface element appears on the screen. However, do not rush to blow off the dust with the old PlayStation 2 and mindlessly press the buttons. First you need to go through all the horror several times, get a "dog" final, and only after that the combination will work. This feature of SH2 was found before, but by chance, and now everyone can use a useful card.

The second secret of Silent Hill 2 for PS2 is the ability to save anywhere. A very useful function, taking into account the heat of passion and the periodically arising desire to throw to hell this chilling soul test. However, here, too, will have to try: the left button on the D-Pad, the left stick to the left, the right stick to the left, and then L2, L1 and click on the left stick. You can not remember such a combination on the move, and you can hardly press it, so the persistence of the user punk7890, who found both these secrets, can only be envied. However, what is not an interesting idea for a rainy evening? Choose your favorite game - and forward, touch all the buttons! Perhaps, you too will be lucky.

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