Australian Amateur Astronomers: Planet Nibiru will arrive in August

According to experts, the mysterious planet Nibiru will appear next to Earth next month. This conclusion was reached by amateur astronomers, currently watching a mysterious comet, rapidly approaching the Sun, increasing its brightness and size. Experts think that in August it will be possible to observe it in the sky with the naked eye. 

In particular, Australian amateur astronomer Michael Jager in his Facebook account published an image of a glowing ball approaching from outer space. According to the Australian observer, the object is about 260 thousand km in diameter, that is, almost 2 times larger than Jupiter. Jageru is opposed by fans of space conspiracy. They claim that it can not be a comet, since it does not have a tail. In the opinion of conspiracy theorists, at present one can notice that this is not one object, but immediately 2.

The Internet publication, which publishes information about the planet Nibiru, reported the approach of a mysterious planet to Earth. According to experts, Nibiru affects the speed of the Earth's rotation, slowing its course by almost 1 degree per day.

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From September 13 to January 1, 2017, this figure will reach 25.3 degrees. The center of attraction of Nibiru will be concentrated in the south pole of the Earth, which will lead to a change of poles. As a result, a wave of up to 60 meters in height is formed, which will wash everything in its path, the process of melting glaciers will start.

In this case, the only place to save the population will be highlands. The change of poles will lead to the formation of storms with a wind speed of 400 km / h, to the appearance of 11-ball earthquakes and the eruption of volcanoes.

Most likely, the warm current of the Gulf Stream will stop and the glacial period on the planet will begin.

It remains to be hoped that the assumptions will not be confirmed, otherwise the planet is expected to make global changes.

Note that Nibiru is an invisible planet wandering through the solar system. Some researchers claim that it was described in ancient Sumerian texts. Its symbol is a winged disk, found in the mythology of many peoples of the Ancient East. It is on her supposedly inhabited by highly developed intelligent beings, whom the Sumerians called Annunaki.

However, there is no scientific evidence for Nibiru, although astronomers have been searching for it for several centuries.

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