Are there ghosts? Paranormal phenomena at night may be associated with sleep paralysis and '' exploding head syndrome ''

It is extremely simple for the human brain to associate sounds such as scratching the floor with phenomena more supernatural than real. But researchers claim that all these "sinister" appearances can be associated with sleep.

Psychiatrist Alice Gregory of Goldsmiths University (UK) has been trying to determine how anxiety, REM sleep, and "head exploding head syndrome" could provide a scientific explanation for nighttime paranormal apparitions.

According to Mail Online, such phenomena appear to occur when people lie in bed. At such times, people feel they are beginning to feel unusual and sometimes feel immobile in bed.

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But behind such phenomena can be known sleep disorders such as sleep paralysis. Here are two of the things that can explain the phenomenon:

Sleep paralysis

When we fall asleep we go through different cycles of sleep several times. At the beginning of sleep we go through the NREM sleep, which is progressively deepening. Then we get into the REM phase, the time we dream. At this stage we are paralyzed. However, in case of sleep paralysis, the characteristics of the REM phase are also felt when the person is awake. People who feel these things claim they have hallucinations and can not move. The affection is common, being encountered in 8% of the people.

Head syndrome that explodes

Some people claim that they are experiencing huge explosions during the night, which they can not explain. This can be matched again with sleep. When we fall asleep, the reticular formation of the cerebral trunk begins to inhibit our ability to move, see or hear. The boom that some people hear may be due to the delay in this process. Similar to sleep paralysis and this syndrome is constantly under investigation.

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