Aliens could steal stars to extract energy

Different civilizations have unique ways to survive and researchers believe that aliens may try to steal stars to survive.

Most researchers believe that dark energy will bring about a massive expansion of the universe. According to the Tech Times, expansion has been done for many years, and the process can accelerate in the future.

Experts claim that galaxies are isolated from each other by expansion for more than several hundred million years. When this phenomenon occurs, it becomes impossible to observe other galaxies. Theoretically, astrophysicist Dan Hooper argued that advanced outpatient civilization seeks to interfere with problems arising from the expansion of the universe. He insists that civilization may try to survive by collecting stars from other galaxies.

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"Given the isolation process, highly advanced civilizations will make maximum use of energy and try to secure as many possible stars as possible," astrophysicists point out.

Hooper believes that aliens can capture energy through a huge structure called Dyson sphere. This concept was originally proposed by physicist Freeman Dyson and refers to the use of satellites to extract the star's energy.

However, the procedure is not easy. It may take hundreds of billions of years to carry a star.

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