A former NASA scientist argues that aliens exist, and governments are trying to cloud appearances. '' You have no idea what's there ''

Although there is no real scientific evidence of the existence of aliens, a physics professor, former NASA researcher, believes the truth is visible, and researchers should start studying it.

Recently, a former NASA researcher has published an article for the scientific community asking specialists to analyze the evidence of UFO occurrences on Earth. According to Tech Times, the physics professor at the University of New York describes two personal experiences about speculation of alien life. The first took place in 2002 at a NASA conference.

"You have no idea what is there (n.r. universe)," a participant said.

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The second experience took place when Knuth graduated from college in 1988. At that time, his physics professor said UFOs deactivated the US Air Force Nuclear Missiles and at that time Knuth did not believe it. Several years later, he watched the recording of a press conference where US Air Force officials described such phenomena.

Knuth believes there are chances for aliens to exist. He believes there could be dozens, even hundreds of extraterrestrial civilizations in the galaxy. Considering the age of the galaxy, there is no evidence of UFO appearances. Knuth, however, is convinced that many politicians hide the truth, and the evidence to the present could be the basis of a scientific study.

"I think skepticism about UFOs has become a kind of religion," said Knuth

The man claims there have been documented cases of UFO appearances, including telescopes. He argues that appearances are coming from 1700 until 2017 when the Chilean government published images of a UFO. Knuth adds that other countries have also published secret UFO documents, including Canada, France, Ecuador and the UK.

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