25 interesting aspects about the human body

1. A person removes between 18 and 55 kg of skin over life.

2. The human body has enough iron in it to create a nail of 7, 5 cm.

3. One in 2000 children is born with a tooth.

4. Throughout a person's life one person produces enough saliva to fill two 6500 l pools.

5. Some people have an extra coast, and it's usually a woman.

6. In the human body there are about 100,000 km of blood vessels.

7. Man can die faster than sleeplessness than lack of food.

8. We are shorter in the evening than in the morning by about 1 cm. Throughout the day the cartilage between the bones compresses.

9. Microbes are easier to transfer by hand than by kissing.

10. After decapitation, the brain remains conscious for another 4 seconds.

11. Each language has a unique "fingerprint", similar to fingerprints.

12. The femur is the most difficult bone to deform in the human body.

13. When we sneeze, we eliminate the excretions by about 25 k / h when coughing with 50-65 k / h.

14. Acid from the stomach is strong enough to destroy a razor blade.

15. The brain is able to process the signals indicating the pain, but the brain does not feel the pain (if I act mechanically directly on it).

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16. Man has 96% of the DNA the same as a chimpanzee and 70% the same as a limax.

17. Each person has a unique smell. The rule also applies to identical twins.

18. The human heart generates sufficient pressure to throw the blood more than 2.5 m away.

19. Man is the only animal that produces tears on an emotional background.

20. The human foot has 52 bones, a quarter of all the bones of the body.

21. It is almost impossible to laugh alone.

22. Two people out of three have vision problems.

23. Fever can cause hearing loss.

24. About 80% of the brain is water.

25. The human nose can detect over a trillion of odors; women are superior to men.

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