What is the "Tetris Effect" and how games use this phenomenon

"Tetris" is one of the most popular video games of all time. This fall, the analogue of the game will be released on the PlayStation 4, and he will use the phenomenon, which was nicknamed the "Tetris Effect". Actually, this is how the game will be called: "Tetris Effect". More about the game itself will be told on E3, and we'll talk about the phenomenon.

The "Tetris Effect" is the actual name for what happens to the human brain after playing Tetris or any other game for quite some time. The human brain begins to see the elements of the game everywhere, even when a person stops playing. Long enough, players began to report that they see figures from the game "Tetris" for several hours after the end of the game.

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In 2000, a study at Harvard showed that 60 percent of the subjects who played Tetris for 7 hours a day continued to see falling blocks a few hours after the game. The "Tetris effect" also manifests itself in the fact that the player thinks about the game or becomes more observant, looking at objects of real life. The player can project the principles of the game into what he sees in real life.

This is the effect developers of Tetris Effect want to call. The principle of the game will remain unchanged, but more vivid scenes and visualizations will be created. In addition, the game will be available in VR for the most complete immersion in the world of falling blocks.

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