What is the Moon? A spaceship or a satellite of the Earth?

What is the Moon? Surely many of you know this satellite according to information from the school program. And many of you do not pay much attention to it. After all, the moon is far away, we can not touch it and therefore we believe in absentia the information provided. We suggest you to sort out different sources of information and try to figure out what the moon really is. So, let's begin.

What is the Moon? At school From school textbooks and encyclopedias we are told: The moon is a natural companion of our Earth. Natural, then naturally attracted by our Earth. It was created by the cosmos itself, and the attraction of the Earth keeps it naturally in its orbit. The moon is the closest satellite to the sun, since Venus and Mercury have no satellites. The atmosphere of the satellite is almost absent, and the surface of a small planet is covered by regolith. We also know, also from school, that the Americans landed on the moon in 1972 on the Apollo-17 and returned safely.

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All this information in a more detailed form has long been disclosed in the smallest details, along the Internet. We will not rewrite it all here. You can find everything yourself or recall from the studied material of the school / institute. This article is not devoted to all known facts, but to facts that do not spread or are little known. Let's forget for a while our knowledge of the school, the institute and look at all the information neutrally, in a new way. As if you did not know anything about the moon before, and we will gather for the first time all about this satellite of our Earth. The science of the USSR proves that the satellite was created artificially. Two Soviet scientists - Shcherbakov Alexander and Mikhail Vasin described in 1968 several hypotheses that prove that the Earth's satellite - the moon is an "artificial" satellite. That is, he was created by someone and placed on the orbit of our planet.

The satellite is too large for a satellite. The size of the moon is only 4 times smaller than the size of the Earth. If you look at the satellites of distant planets, then notice that they are less than about 10 times. According to official data, the Moon's dimension is 3,744 km, and the Earth's size is 12742 km. Dimensions of craters on the Moon are implausible. The earth has an atmosphere. When meteorites collide with this atmosphere, they burn up and decay into smaller parts, so the craters left by meteorites on the ground are not very deep. Now look at the pictures of the moon. Craters are exactly the same as on our planet, not deeper, and maybe even less. And all the craters are the same in depth. The moon does not have a protective atmosphere and all meteorites striking its surface should leave craters no less than 50 km deep. In the pictures of the moon, they are no more than 4 km.

Our companion is hollow inside. This fact was proved by scientists that the density of the satellite occupies 60% of the density of our planet. This and other additional studies speak of the cavity of the planet. That is, it either did not form like all the planets - starting from the center, but on the contrary, either this round and shining near our planet is cast by someone and is a spaceship. Hologram Pay attention to how the information about the Moon is presented on the Internet. These are various formulas, evidence, photographs, degrees of scientists who provided information about the satellite. We can not verify this. We are FORCED to believe what the uncle in the scientist's robe says with the maximum degree of education that humanity has ordained. If you study our Russian language and go deep into the meaning of words, you can find this information:

Maybe we really live in the world of the matrix - in the world of an illusory world? And all the scientific complex proofs of the existence of the world, the universe, the structure of man - is this a fraud? We described such a deception on the example of our health, in the article "Food - energy or death? or Why do people get fat? "Another theory that answers the question" What is the Moon "- the Moon is a hologram. How to prove? - using the video (the video below after the description). This proof was made in Germany. The shooting was conducted for four days, from 7.07.2014. Comments on the video in English. For those who do not know it, we give a description of what is being said.

The video camera captured waves passing over the surface of the Moon. Such waves or distortions can be observed on monitors, televisions and other electronic equipment, when the picture is slightly distorted. This is especially noticeable on older monitors or computers. Remember the movie Star Wars. The inhabitants of the planets could attend the meetings and transmit messages in the form of holographic mappings of themselves. When there was interference, distortions appeared in the form of waves.

This suggests that the surface of the satellite that we see is a holographic picture transmitted from the side, as in the film about the Jedi. Madly? Rave? Does this break your habitual world of perception of reality? But how - to boldly step forward to meet the unknown and try to find the truth without uncles in gowns with academic degrees? The video shows that the Moon does not exist. We see a holographic projection. And taking into account the error that the camera captured, this projection is not of the best quality and according to modern technologies.

Why can we photograph the person's face from the satellites and recognize it, and the photos of the Moon are of such terrible quality? Why does the moon have only one species for us, but in fact it revolves around its axis? Yes, scientifically this is explained by the gravity of the Earth, which keeps the satellite in one position. But is it? Why talk about the flight to Mars, and again on the moon no one flies? After all, on the Internet for a long time have denied the theory of landing on the companion of Americans. No one is in a hurry to send another Apollo there to prove that people have landed on the satellite. Yes, and our satellite is much closer than the red Mars. Is not it?

 For many years they have been talking about paid flights to the moon for anyone who wants to. Billionaires around the world are standing in line, ready to give money to launch the missile. Every rich person can independently pay for the construction of the ship from scratch, without affecting the state budget. But no one was on the Moon, or even on Earth's orbit. What's stopping you? What's in the Earth's orbit? On the Earth's orbit there really is an object that is hidden behind a hologram. Many are convinced that this is a spaceship - the control center of the planet Earth.

There are people who know how to manage their astral body and go beyond the limits of our planet. They assure that our satellite is really a hollow object, which is fastened with metal bases. This ship is capable of moving around the galaxy. It was created by those who settled our planet and controls it. Who are they? This is carefully concealed. Military secret We will not stop at one video. We recommend viewing another video. Interesting and giving a lot of information for reflection. REN TV withdrew its version with facts and evidence and an answer to the question "What is the moon?"

We collect information from various sources of the planet and we really want to know your opinion. How do you think? A satellite of our planet is a spaceship with a hologram or really a planet? Vote below and leave a comment at the end of the article. Your opinion is important to us.
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