Two meteorites ignited the sky in China and Botswana in two days

Two meteorites have fallen on Terra in only 27 hours. One fell on June 1 in Yunnan province in southwest China, and the other burnt on June 2 on Botswana.

About the first, there is little information, but the second one, which lit up the state of South Africa, is known for some data, thanks to scientists at the Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona who detected it eight hours before entering the Earth's atmosphere.

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2018 LA, as it was called the space rock that came over Botswana, had a diameter of only two meters and was not considered a risk, with a high possibility of completely disintegrating into the atmosphere.

 "The bodies of a few meters are very hard to detect until they reach our planet: they can be discovered one day before impact," said Paul Chodas of the Center for Near-Earth Object Studies at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory . "Telescopes also have to look for the part that needs from heaven to detect cosmic objects."

On average, six objects of this size enter the earth's atmosphere every year. Despite the fact that they have reached the Earth's atmosphere in a very short time, there is probably no connection between them. "Coincidences can happen," said Peter Vereš of the Minor Planet Center in Massachusetts.

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