Top 10 secret societies

A secret society is a club or an organization whose activities and internal functioning are hidden to non-members. Often, secret societies set up various conspiracies to reach certain hidden goals. Members of these societies use extreme concealment and discretion to protect themselves and their organization. Often members are even told to deny the existence of the organization.

10. Ordo Templi Orientis

 Ordo Templi Orientis (the Order of the Eastern Templars) is a secret organization that was founded at the beginning of the 20th century. It was originally intended to model the well-known organization of Freemasons, practicing occult rituals so that its members could advance from one rank to another. Nowadays 13 grades are known. The most famous member of the Order of the Oriental Templars is Aleister Crowley (1875-1947), a famous British occultist, writer and magician, who laid the foundations of the organization's central belief: Thelema religion and philosophy.

Besides this, Crowley has composed many practices and rituals that have led to the group leader. After his death, the reputation and influence of the Order of the Eastern Templars began to decrease, but it still exists in different corners of the world, especially in the US, England and some other regions of Europe. The members of the group no longer hide their identity as they used to do in the past but the practices remained the same: the interest in sexual acts, the "worship of the phallus" and the magic of self-gratification.

9. Crypt

Krypteia or Crypteia (Greek for "hidden", "secret") was an ancient ritual and organization of initiation of young Spartans. Disarmed and armed with only a knife, these 18-year-olds were trained to survive at all costs while patrolling across the country in search of riots and unrighteousness. Those who survived - not many - were received with honor and enrolled in the Spartan army. According to tradition, Krypteia members had the right to kill anyone who was considered inferior without being held accountable.

8. The Fenian Brotherhood

The Feniana Brotherhood was an Irish Republican organization dedicated to the elimination of British domination in Ireland. The organization was founded in 1858 in the US by John O'Mahony and hopes to achieve its goals by invading Canadian regions under British domination and taking hostages to offer them in exchange for Ireland's freedom. Their plan was backed by thousands of people who fought in the US Civil War and tens of thousands of Irish immigrants who gave financial support to the Phoenicians. Thus, the Phoenicians attacked Canada three times: in 1866, in 1870 and 1871. Each time the attacks were rejected by Canadian volunteers and by the US government's intervention. The movement was finally overcome, but her legacy still feels: according to many historians, the risk represented by Fenieni was one of the greatest incentives for building the Canadian confederation.

7. Black Man

Black Mana was a military secret society that was founded in Serbia on May 9, 1912. It was part of the Penslavista Movement, the purpose of which was to unite all the Slavs of Europe under one state. This demanded the separation of Serbia from the Austro-Hungarian kingdom, so the Black Man started propaganda against the Austro-Hungarians. The Black Mana would have been forgotten if it had not been involved in one of the most important moments of the beginning of the 20th century: the murder of the Austrian archduke Franz Ferdinand at the end of June 1914. The results of the assassination were catastrophic: the Austro- Hungary declared war on Serbia, Germany, allied with Austro-Hungarians, declared war on Russia, France and the United Kingdom, allied to Russia, declared war on Germany, and thus, by the end of August, all of Europe was at war.

Majestic 12

Majestic 12 is the code name of a supposedly secret committee of scientists, military leaders and US government officials who allegedly formed in 1947 by an order given by US president at the time, Harry S. Truman. The purpose of this committee was to investigate the UFO activity after the incident in Roswell, New Mexico, where an alien ship was supposedly crashed in July 1947. Majestic 12 is an important part of alien conspiracy and information misuse about these.

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5. Society Vril

The notion of "vril" was introduced by author Edward Bulwer-Lytton in one of the first science fiction novels in history: "The Breed to Come", 1871. This was a much more advanced civilization than the people living inside the planet. It was later taken over in 1919 and used in an occult context by the members of a Templar Order's precursor group. The Vril-based organization was based in Ramsau, Germany, and later central Nazi elite such as Himmler, Bormann, or Hess joined the organization. "Occult myths played a central role for Nazism," said Professor Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, head of Exeter University's Center for Esoteric Studies. "The Vril Society was devoted to evil, through its control by the Nazi party, the worst actions of the 20th century were committed," historian Michael Fitgerald added. "Vril worked secretly to promote Aryan power, ranging from direct political assassinations to invoking the dead spirits, human sacrifices and capturing mysterious energies. Neither sexual orgies were unknown to Vril practices. "

4. Ku Klux Klan

 Ku Klux Klan was founded just after the American Civil War in 1865 in the state of Tennesee, and by 1870 it expanded almost in all states in the South of the USA. Members of this organization promoted extremist racism and supported the superiority of the white race. Also, the KKK members were anti-Semitic, anti-Catholic, anti-immigrant, and homophobic. They were wearing white robes and masks and often carried out their activities in small towns during the night: kidnappings, arson, torture or even murder, although the KKK's initial goals were apparently noble: "protecting the innocent" and "helping the oppressed".
The organization was dissolved in 1870, but various groups remained at the local level. It was reactivated in 1915 in Georgia, but dissolved again in 1944. After a long period, the clan appeared again in the mid-1990s, burning the churches of the black, but only locally.

3. Thule Society

Thule was a German oculist group based in Munich, Germany. The name of the society comes from a northern mythological realm. Thule Society is known for sponsoring the organization Deuthsche Arbeitparty, which was reorganized by Adolf Hitler as the Nazi Party. The Thule Society has grounded the ideology of the Third Reich, the supremacy of the Aryan race, and the expectation of a "moon" that will bring the Germanic race to global supremacy. There is no evidence that Hitler was a Thule member but he had enough fans in the organization, including Rudolf Hess and Dietrich Eckart, and many occultists considered Hitler as "the savior of Germany." Another detail in the bizarre landscape of Hitler's occultism concerns that he was the owner of a spear of the lance that supposedly killed Jesus Christ and that the Americans managed to steal this fragment just before his defeat. Among other occult practices, it is said that the members of society were Satanists and practiced black magic to lower their level of consciousness at the level of Malicious Intelligences, which gave them incredible magical powers.

2. The Priory of Zion

The Priory of Zion is an alleged mystic secret society that plans to restore the Merovingian dynasty to the throne of Europe and Jerusalem. After the publication of Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code" (Dan Brown's preface), the Priory of Sion began to receive a lot of attention. Many say the society does not exist and it was a production of the French Pierre Plantard to reach the throne of France. Despite this, many believe that society exists and works even today. Among these are the authors of the famous book "The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail", Michael Baigent and Leigh Henry Lincoln, who said:
"1. The Priory of Sion has a long history since 1099, and had leading leaders such as Leonardo da Vinci and Isaac Newton.
2. Society protects those with royal blood because they believe they are descendants of Jesus or King David.
3. Priory seeks to lay the foundations of the "Holy European Empire", which would become the only hyperpower of the world and lay the foundation for a new world order of peace and prosperity. "

1. Opus Dei

Opus Dei (in Romanian "God's Work" or "Lord's Work") is an organization of the Catholic Church that promotes the idea that every man can embrace sanctity and that life is only a way to it. Opus Dei was founded in Madrid on 2 October 1928 by Spanish priest Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer, which was canonized by Pope John Paul II in 2002. In Dan Brown's "Da Vinci Code" Opus Dei is a secret organization of the Church whose purpose was the eradication of the Priory of Zion and all those who wanted to unveil the "truth" about Christianity and the alleged royal royal line of Jesus. As an ideology, Opus Dei is an organization that shares 100% the faith of the Catholic Church, but it focuses on the lives of believers who are not priests or monks. Each member must pursue a "plan of life", that is, traditional Catholic norms and obligations. In 2010, Opus Dei had about 90,000 members, of whom only 2,000 were priests. There are 3 "ranks" in the laity, Over-counting (about 70%), Numeraria (who swore to be celibate and live in obedience and obedience) and Supleanti (who have oath-apostolic oaths). No member, irrespective of rank, is allowed to disclose membership in the group except with the permission of all local members. Because of this discreet character, Opus Dei has been accused of occultism, secretism and is an organization that deals more with the financial aspect of life than with the spiritual one.

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