Top 10 most strange prisons in the world

10. Sark - the world's smallest prison (Guernsey)

Sark Prison is located on the island of Sark in Guernsey, a UK-dependent area, a few hundred kilometers from the French coast. This prison was built in 1856 and is apparently the smallest in the world, with a capacity of only two people. It is used by local authorities for short-term incarceration.

9. Aranjuez - The Prison for Families (Spain)

It is said that Aranjuez prison in Spain is the only one in the world that has family cells: Disney characters on the walls, a kindergarten and playgrounds for children. The idea of ​​the penitentiary is that imprisoned parents can spend time with their children. Aranjuez is located 40 km south of Madrid and has 36 "family" cells.

8. Bastoey Island - the world's first environmental jail (Norway)

Although the idea of ​​a "eco-friendly" penis is not very popular, the small island of Bastoey in Norway has managed to bring the green change of the local prison. The minimal security prison uses solar panels for electricity, produces almost 100% of the food it consume and recycles everything it can.

7. Cereso Chetumal - the prison in which the disputes are solved in the boxing ring (Mexico)

Although it sounds a bit bizarre and violence seems to be encouraging, in Mexico's Cereso Chetumal Prison there have been no more violent incarceration for more than 10 years. According to the prison director, Victor Terazzas, "when there is a dispute between two detainees, they put their boxing gloves and climb into the ring, and after 2-3 rounds the dispute ends."

6. Cebu - Dance Prison (Philippines)

What can be more "fun" than a gang of criminals, rapists, drug smugglers and bastards dancing together in pop music? Well, you know the Cebu prisoners in the Philippines, becoming famous in 2007, when they set up the choreography of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video, making it a world phenomenon at the time.

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5. Kresty - the most crowded prison in the world (Russia)

Russia's penitentiaries have the reputation of being the most crowded in the world, especially the Kresty Prison in St. Petersburg. Petersburg. Its official capacity is 3,000 detainees, but the current population is at least 10,000. In 2006, Vladimir Putin announced that the prison would be moved to Kolpinksy Province and the prison would turn into a hotel complex.

4. ADX - "super-maximum security" jail (Colorado, USA)

ADX is the extreme jail. Detainees are allowed to get out of the cells for only 9 hours a week and only interact with other people. All of their activities take place in their own cell, where the sun's rays can barely enter. ADX is for the most dangerous offenders in the US.

3. Alcatraz - the world's most famous prison (California, USA)

Alcatraz is an island located in the Bay of San Francisco in the USA. It was originally built a fortress, Fort Alcatraz, which later turned into a federal prison, being closed in 1963. Because of the strong currents of bay and very cold water, Alcatraz was the perfect prison in terms of security. No detainees have escaped from here.

2. Justizzentrum Leoben - 5-star prison (Austria)

Large, beautiful, ultra-elegant building, modern design, glass walls and state-of-the-art amenities. No, it's not a luxurious Dubai hotel, but a five-star prison in Styria, Austria. This "hotel" for prisoners almost makes you forget that the place is fenced and is actually a prison. Cells are just rooms, spacious and equipped modernly. Students in homes would be jealous of these.

1. San Pedro - the prison in which the prisoners buy their cells (Bolivia)

San Pedro Prison, the largest in Bolivia's capital, La Paz, houses around 1,500 inmates. Once you have crossed the thick walls and huge gates, any similarity with a prison disappears: children playing on streets, stalls, restaurants, hairdressers and even a hotel. There are no guards, uniforms or bars. This freedom comes at a price: prisoners have to buy their cells, so most of them have to work. "If you have money, you can live like a king here," says a detainee. And it seems right, in the Los Pinos section of the prison cells are spacious, have their own bathrooms, kitchen and television. Outside there are billiard tables, kiosks and stalls. These cells can be purchased for $ 1,000-1,500. In poor prison neighborhoods, inmates are sleeping on the outside or packed into very small cells.

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