Top 10 countries responsible for hacker attacks

In recent years, the Internet has become the second reality for most people. For some maybe even the first. In this virtual space you can do anything: you inform, buy, sell, share, make friends, play, etc. The Internet is a tool that we use day by day, but as every good thing, it does not escape from the wickedness and violence that is in the wings of man. Just as in real life, the villains have made their place in this environment as well. We're talking about hackers, scammers, identity thieves, and confidential data. In short, cybercriminals. They are very hard to locate because they launch their attacks on virulent, hard-to-follow computers. Hackers can steal personal data, break codes, block sites and institutions, and may be even more dangerous than terrorists. In autumn 2013, FBI Director James B. Comey said cybercrime would become the public enemy in the near future. 1 of mankind!

Believe it or not, the Romans have made their way into this "industry" too! Moreover, it is even in the top 10 countries responsible for most cyber attacks. The top 10 countries are responsible for 75% of online crimes in the late part of 2012 and the first part of 2013, according to Akamai Technologies.

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10. Italy

The second house of the Romans is also the tenth house of hackers. Italy was responsible for 1.6% of cyber attacks in the last part of last year. Italy's share declined slightly, a year ago, with a 1.9% share.

9. India

            India was responsible for 2.3% of cyber attacks in the last quarter of 2012. India's share fell 0.5% over the previous year.

8. Romania

           In the last quarter of last year, Romania was responsible for 2.8% of cyber attacks. Unlike most of the countries in this top, where hacking is down, in Romania it is growing. One of Romania's stars in this chapter is Razvan Cernaianu aka TinKode or sysgh0st. It has broken many important sites like Google, Youtube, Pentagon, NASA, British Royal Army, US Army, Kaspersky Portugal and others. He was caught two years after the first blow after DIICOT investigators located him after the address of his personal blog he boasts of his accomplishments. He was imprisoned and released three months later. Currently, TinKode is an online security consultant. Although he violated the law, he claims he broke those sites only in curiosity, making no harm. But not all Romanian hackers crack sites just for demonstration, most of them are real mobsters online. It is estimated that Romanian hackers have stolen in the US only $ 1 billion in 2012.

7. Brazil

Brazil was responsible for 3.3% of last year's computer attacks. The percentage is down, after 4.4% in 2011.

6. Taiwan

Taiwanese hackers were responsible for 3.7% of attacks last year. Share twice as low as in 2011 (7.5%).

5. Russia

            Mother Russia was responsible for only 4.3% of the attacks in the latter part of 2012, compared with 6.8% in 2011.

4. Turkey

            4.7% of cybercrime in the last part of 2012 were committed by Turkish hackers. In 2011, Turkey had a 5.6%

3. United States of America

            Those who are most trying to fight are on the third place in the world for cyber attacks. US hackers were responsible for 10% of global attacks, 3 percent less than in 2011. The US is home to the world's most known hacker groups, Anonymous and AntiSec.

2. Indonesia

In the first half of this year, Indonesia stormed the Internet for its own sake. 38% of global cyber attacks this year were made by Indonesians, placing Indonesia on the 1st place in 2013.

1. China

            By the beginning of this year, China ranks first in this top, with an amazing 41% of all cyber attacks worldwide in 2012. In 2011 it had a "mere" 13% share.

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