Top 10 bizarre phobias

10. Xantrophobia - the fear of yellow color
Those who suffer from this phobia fear everything that is yellow or yellow, including the fear of the sun. In extreme cases, xanthrophobia even fears the word "yellow."

9. Agirophobia - fear of crossing the street
Agirofobia represents the irrational and extreme fear of crossing a street, an intersection, a passage, etc. This phobia can be triggered by certain traumas such as road accidents or certain psychological disorders. Of course, this phobia makes life in the city very difficult and uncomfortable. This phobia is considered to be independent of machine fear.

8. Caliginefobia - Fear of beautiful women

Beauty is something to admire, a thing that many people crave, not a thing that could terrorize people. But caliginophobia seems to contradict us. This phobia represents the irrational fear of beautiful women. Those who suffer from this phobia are usually teenagers and men, especially those with alternative sexual orientation.

7. Uranophobia - the fear of Heaven
Those who suffer from uranophobia are afraid of the idea of ​​Heaven, of later life and even of heaven. This phobia is usually triggered by religious fears such as fear of judgment. Other phobias related to it are papacy (fear of pope) and hierophobia (fear of saints or sacred objects). Usually these phobias are triggered by a trauma associated with the Pope or the Catholic Church.

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6. Tripophobia - fear of holes
If you've ever had a fear of seeing an asphalt pit or even seeing a pot, you're suffering from tripophobia. Scientists say that when someone who suffers from tripophobia is looking at an object with holes, it stimulates a primitive portion of the brain that considers the object to be dangerous. According to the researchers, a worrying percentage of 16% of the population suffers from this phobia.

5. Nomofobia - the fear of no signal on the mobile phone
This phobia is relatively new, being discovered by scientists five years ago. According to recent studies, more than half of the UK population suffers from this condition. The phobia is triggered by the intense fear of staying out of the cell phone, of having no battery or even losing sight of the phone.

4. Ablutophobia - fear of bathing
This affection consists of irrational fear of the action of bathing. Although it is an essential form of personal hygiene, there are people whose bathroom is unrealistic. It is known that many children do not like baths, but this phobia is not usually diagnosed in them but generally in women. The scientists that ablutophobia is triggered by traumas in the past.

3. Chrometophobia - Fear of money
Without a doubt, this is one of the weirdest phobias you've heard. Chrometophobia is the abnormal and persistent fear of money. It seems ridiculous for anyone to be afraid of money because everything is spinning around the money and each of us needs them. Some say this phobia comes from an obsessive-compulsive disorder that is afraid of microbes. A phobia related to this is the fear of becoming rich.

2. Scophobia - Fear of being seen
A bizarre phobia that has earned its place in this top is scopophobia, fear of being seen, noticed or viewed by others. It seems to be an implausible phobia because no one is invisible. Scopophobes experience an extreme fear of attracting attention, often trying to run away from being seen. Usually they are very withdrawn people who do not want any contact with the outside world. Scophobia may be triggered by a strong trauma, a mental block or other undetermined reasons.

1. Fobophobia - Fear of having a phobia
Believe it or not, but fear of being afraid of something is a phobia in itself. Fobophobia is the irrational fear of developing a phobia. The risk of acquiring this phobia is much higher in people who already have a certain phobia. If an object causes fear, confronting it again may trigger the same irrational fear, the fear that could lead to phobia. What makes phobia one of the most bizarre phobias is that the one who suffers from this action does not seem to respond to external stimuli, but only to their own inner lives.

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