The most amazing 10 animals discovered over the last decade

10. Dwarf shark

An ideal combination between a shark and a smaller saw (since the shark-saw already exists!), The dwarf African shark (Pristiophorus nancyae) was accidentally discovered in 2011 at a depth of nearly 500 m, beside the shores of Mozambique. Thus, the number of saw-shark species climbed to 7, as if 6 were not enough. Due to its size and aggressiveness, some have named this "Joe Pesci" dwarf shark from the aquatic world.

9. The "ninja" frog

This new species of frog was discovered (barely) in 2011 in ... New York. Maybe here's the late discovery. It seems that this new species of amphibians hid under the New Yorkers' nose and was discovered when a very bored person realized that this frog has a charaitte different from the other frogs. Nowadays scientists are studying the "ninja" frog and think of a name for it ("F *** ing Miracle Frogs" or "New Croak Knicks" are among the variants).

8. Matilda's horned viper

Matilda horn viper is one of the few snake species discovered in the past three decades in Africa (in this case Tanzania). Among the three people who discovered the viper in 2011 was Tim Davenport, whose five-year-old daughter at that time was fascinated by this snake, the name of the viper coming from the researcher's daughter. Vipera Matildei has two teardrop horns on its head, it is venomous and looks like a Satan's pet, but Davenport says it is a calm and aggressive animal.

7. Crab "Joker"

The Philippine island of Palawan is an enchanting place, embraced by formidable beaches and unique animals, a paradise for both tourists and zoologists. Half of the animal species living here are not found elsewhere in the world. Among them is Insulamon Palawanese aka The "Joker" Crab, discovered in 2012. It was named after its colors that remind of the villain Joker, the eternal enemy of the Batman superhero. Unfortunately, the sympathetic pillage with pliers is already out of the question due to the mining projects in Palawan Island.

6. "Spider-Man" lizard

If we're still in the "Animal-Like-Comic Animals" chapter, well, in 2011, Cnemaspis psychedelica, nicknamed "Psychedelic Gecko," "Justifiable Lizard," or "Spider-Man Lizard," was discovered. This is only on the small island of Hon Khoai near the Vietnamese coast. Although he does not weave the canvas, the lizard is a lively pet. Fans of the climbing superhero clutter at pet shops to buy reptilian replica of Spider-Man.

5. Viespea "horror"

The simpatic insect above was discovered during an expedition on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi in 2011, but this was previously seen in ... horror films. The new species, the so-called Megalara Garuda, is known as "The Queen of the Wasp", "The Wasp of Razboinica" or "The Komodo Dragon of the Wasp". This Chuck Norris insect (as I like to say) has a length of up to 7 centimeters and its open thighs are longer than the legs! Scientists believe that these characteristics of the "horror" wasp developed mainly in males to dominate the female during mating.

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4. Crab "Yeti"

Kiwa hirsuta, known as the "yeti" crab by most (or "fur crab" by the perverse) is a crustacean discovered in 2005 on the Pacific Island of the Pacific Ocean. He received his name because of his "fur" on the pliers and, according to scientists, could be one of the most complex crustaceans studied so far. Some believe that it "cultivates" certain bacteria on its watery chests, which they then use to detoxify certain minerals from the bottom of the sea, from which they then eat. The ingenuity (and fur) of this crab suggests that we might have to deal with a true paros and brilliant mutant of a missing species, or to keep the "geeky" atmosphere, a sort of Crab Beast (X-Men).

3. Micro chameleon

After so many bizarre animals, we take a small, very small and cute little animal: the micro camelon, the smallest chameleon in the world. Called Brookesia micra, the micro chameleon was discovered in 2012 on an island located near Madagascar. An adult of this species has a length of only 1.6 cm from head to tail, being one of the smallest vertebrates discovered on Earth.

2. Lida "Yoda"

The ravenous rat-like rat was discovered in 2009 in New Guinea, alongside 200 other unknown species of plants and animals ever since. This bat looks remarkably well with the famous Star Wars series Yoda, has a nose like two tubes and feeds on the fruit. When he is too tired to look for food, the bat Yoda uses Force to harvest fruit without physical effort.

1. "Michael Jackson" Monkey

Myanmar's nose monkey, called scientific Rhinopithecus strykeri, is not a new species, known for some time by natives, which was ignored until it was "invented" by the white man in 2010. This monkey resembles , more or less, with the late king of pop music, Michael Jackson. Thanks to the nose, the primal sympathy snuffs uncontrollably when it rains. Unfortunately, the species is already endangered due to its seemingly tasty meat.

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