Showed a real flying car from Kitty Hawk, and he really flies

Last Wednesday Kitty Hawk, which is engaged in the creation of a flying vehicle, showed Flyer. This aircraft, which is currently designed for test flights for business and media. In the future, the product can become public, and this is believed by Larry Page, co-founder of Google, who invests in Kitty Hawk.

It may seem that serious training is required for flights. The creators of the Flyer claim that it takes an hour of training to operate their aircraft. The thing is that a flying car works like a big quadrupter. The only difference is that the pilot is not on the ground, but directly in the car itself.

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Flyer is equipped with a dozen electric motors and propellers. It automatically stabilizes itself in the air, which makes it easy to manage. Flyer is controlled by only two joysticks. In addition, it is equipped with pontoons, which allows it to take off from the water and land on the water.

From the battery, a new version of the aircraft can work for 20 minutes. At the moment, Flyer's flight altitude is limited to 3 meters, and the speed is 30 kilometers per hour. CEO of Kitty Hawk Sebastian Throne believes that one day his product will accelerate to 160 kilometers per hour.

The modern product looks very attractive. At least in comparison with the first prototypes, about which we told earlier. In addition, Flyer is much more compact in comparison with Cora. Only one thing bothers me: what should the pilot, who learned to fly Flyer, do in an hour, in case the automatic stabilization system fails?

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