Dua's layer - a new layer of the cornea

Scientists at the University of Nottingham have discovered a new layer of the cornea, baptized Dua's layer, after the name of its discoverer, Harminder Dua. This is the transparent membrane covering the eye, a thick and thin layer of just 0,001 mm thick. The duo layer is composed of collagen, the material that offers skin elasticity. Harminder Dua said that "from a clinical point of view, there are many diseases affecting the back of the cornea, and specialists from all over the world already associate them with the presence, absence or damage of this stratum."

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Scientists believe a rupture at Dua's layer is the factor that causes corneal hydrops, a condition that causes the fluid inside the eye to accumulate in the cornea. Also, specialists will begin to investigate the roles that Dua's layer might play in various other corneal diseases.

Dua's layer is added to the five layers of cornea already known: corneal epithelium on the outside, followed by Bowman's stratum, corneal stroma, Descemet membrane and corneal endothelium.

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