Apple wants to start producing electric cars in 2020

Apple accelerates the construction of electric cars and plans to start production in 2020 to compete with Tesla and General Motors (GM), who want to launch more than two years of improved models of the cars they are already producing, according to Bloomberg .

Both Tesla and General Motors aim to launch in 2017 electric cars running more than 200 miles per load and costing less than $ 40,000.

The team working on building an electric car under the Apple brand is made up of 200 members, the company still looking for robotics and battery manufacturers, according to Bloomberg sources.

Automotive industry specialists estimate that an experienced manufacturer in the field will need a 5-7 year period to create a new car model.

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"If you start from scratch, we probably talk for about ten years. A car carries a very complex technological device," said Dennis Virag, president of the Automotive Consulting Group.

At the beginning of February, the American battery manufacturer A123 Systems sued the IT giant for launching an "aggressive campaign" to convince specialists to hire Apple.

A123 has indicated that five of its employees have already gone to Apple and that the US company has also tried to attract battery experts from LG Chem, Samsung Electronics, Panasonic, Toshiba and Johnson Controls.

"Apple is currently developing a battery division to compete in the same industry as A123," the A123 complaint filed with a US court.

Elon Musk, Tesla's CEO, said Apple is trying to attract its employees by offering $ 250,000 sign-up bonuses and a 60 percent wage increase over Tesla's earnings.

The carmaker industry requires major investments, with the cost of a production plant up to more than $ 1 billion. Under these circumstances, Elon Musk, the executive director of the Tesla electric car manufacturer, said last year that it is "very difficult" to create a new car model.

Apple recorded a record profit of $ 18 billion in the first quarter of the fiscal year 2015 (October-December 2014), up 38% from the same period in 2013, while revenue rose 30% to 74 , 6 billion dollars versus 57.6 billion dollars.

Last year, another giant of IT, Google, announced its entry into the car segment, aiming to conclude partnerships with automotive manufacturers to create autonomous cars in a few years.

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