20 interesting things about Christmas. Gift - Christmas customs in the world

1. American scientists have calculated that Santa Claus should visit 822 homes per second to share gifts for everyone, moving at a speed of 1046 km / s;

2. Originally, December 25 was a Pagan feast celebrating the birth of the Sun or the winter solstice; most people did not know when Jesus Christ was born and no one celebrated his birth for hundreds of years;

3. Santa was "invented" in the middle of the nineteenth century in a toy commercial; at that time, Christmas was not a legal holiday;

4. The carving of the carols was considered a pagan practice until the 13th century, when St. Francis of Asisi popularized them among Christians;

5. The habit of socks hanging in Christmas tree or fireplace, as well as the preparation of Saint Nicholas 'shoes, comes from a Dutch tradition according to which people left in front of the house full of food for St. Nicholas' daggers; he leaves gifts in return;

6. In the Bible, there is no reference to angels singing on the birthday of Jesus;

7. Experts in biblical studies say it is very unlikely that Jesus was born in a wooden stables, but rather in a cave;

8. Xmas abbreviation is not an irreligious; the letter "X" is an abbreviation in Greek for "Christ," used since the 11th century;

9. Many theologians believe that Jesus was not born on December 25th, but somewhere between 6th and 6th centuries. and 30 d.Hr .; more details here; (Http://www.ucg.org/doctrinal-beliefs/biblical-evidence-shows-jesus-christ-wasnt-born-dec-25/)

10. In 1999, the inhabitants of Maine have made the world's largest snowman; it was 35 m tall;

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11. "Jingle Bells" is the first song in space on December 16, 1965 by astronauts Tom Stafford and Wally Schirra of Gemini 6;

12. Santa Claus is known under various names: Kriss Kringle (Germany), Le Bafana (Italy), Pere Noel (France) or Deushka Moroz (Russia);

13. Beginning in 1947, the Oslo authorities send a Christmas tree to the people of London during Christmas, in gratitude for their help in the Second World War;

14. Christmas Balls were invented by American Edward Johnson in 1882;

15. The first written testimony of Christmas is in a German pamphlet of 1570;

16. About 3 billion Christmas greetings are sent annually to the US alone;

17. According to Guinness World Records, the world's largest Christmas tree was 67 meters tall and was adorned in Seattle in 1950;

18. The traditional colors of Christmas are not red and white, as one would think, but red, green and gold; red is the blood of Jesus Christ, the green represents life and rebirth, and gold represents light and well-being;

19. It is said that the first man who impregnated a Christmas tree was Martin Luther (1483-1546); according to the legend, he was so impressed by the brilliance of the stars among the fir branches that he took one at home and decorated it with the candles to share the beauty he had seen with his family;

20. According to a top of the richest fictional figures, made by Forbes magazine, Santa Claus is the first;

Christmas in the world

In Poland, spiders represent a popular Christmas tree decoration; according to the legend, a spider tied the garments of the newborn Jesus; in Poland the spider is a symbol of well-being and prosperity;
The same thing happens in Ukraine;

In Germany, it is said that Christmas Eve is a magical day in which the pure-hearted can hear the animals talking;
Also here in the fir tree is a pickled cucumber, and who will find it in the morning of Christmas will receive a small gift;

In Iceland there are 13 Christmas Moses; for the children who were good they will leave gifts, but the naughty ones will make them or even kidnap them;

In Japan, Christmas is served at KFC; this is due to a marketing campaign 40 years ago and since then KFC's Christmas Table is so popular that reservations are made a few months before;

South African residents have at least a strange Christmas specialty: caterpillars of the moth Saturnia pavonia;

In Norway, it is not clean before Christmas; the mats and the things to be cleaned are hidden, lest they be stolen from evil spirits or witches;

In Greenland there are some bizarre Christmas recipes: raw whipped skin served with lard or Auk birds lying in sealing leather, left 7 months fermented;

Before Christmas, unmarried women in the Czech Republic will stand by doors and throw a shoe on their backs; if it lands with the top to the door, the woman will marry next year;

In Estonia, families go to the sauna on the day of the day;

The Italians are waiting for Befana, a good witch that will leave sweets and toys on January 5;

In Ethiopia, Christmas is celebrated on January 7; that day the Ethiopians wear white robes and play "ganna";

In Slovakia, the oldest member of the family takes a spoon of loksa pudding and tosses it on the ceiling; the more it sticks, the better;

Merry Christmas everyone!

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