15 things about Easter

1. Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ three days after His death; is the oldest and most important Christian holiday;

2. Like most Christian feasts, Easter began as a pagan festival that celebrated the coming of spring - a time of rebirth and renewal;

3. Even the name of the Easter comes from the pagan goddess Ezekre (or Ostara);

4. Most people do not know why we celebrate Easter when we celebrate it from a temporal point of view; the date of the Easter is calculated according to the month - the Easter day will be the first Sunday after the first full moon after (or the) spring equinox (March 20);

5. The Church takes very seriously the date of the Passover, or at least did it; in the second century, Pope Victor I tried to excommunicate every Asian bishop because they did not agree with him on the date of the Easter;

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6. Coloring eggs is not a new tradition; it is actually very old; scientists have discovered that the Sumerians and ancient Egyptians painted the ostrich eggs for 4,000-5,000 years ago;

7. The Easter bunny has a very bizarre history; this symbol was first used by the Lutheran Germans in 1682 in an attempt to find new traditions that are not related in any way to the Church;

8. Why rabbit and not another animal? According to medieval thought, the rabbit was hermaphrodite, so it could reproduce without having sex, technically being considered virgins; obviously this associated them with Virgin Mary, and the rabbit became the "official" animal of the Easter;

9. Like everything else, Easter has become an excuse to spend money on toys, sweets, clothes, and anything else that people can associate with the birth, death, or resurrection of Jesus;

10. Only last year, Easter, around 17 billion dollars was spent in the world;

11. Christians consider Easter eggs to symbolize joy, feast, and resurrection;

12. 76% of people first eat chocolate bunny ears, 5% eat their legs for the first time, and 4% eat tail;

13. In 2007, a Easter egg covered with diamonds was sold with £ 9 million; every hour a jewelry made of coconut rose out of the top of the egg, wields the wings four times, nods three times, and cowards once;

14. Chocolate eggs were "invented" in 1873 in Bristol, UK;

15. One of the symbols of Christianity is the lamb, cut in millions of copies each year.

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