Wisconsin Gigantic Cemetery, 18 unexplained skeletons to change history

The cemetery of the giants of Wisconsin is a subject that is part of the forbidden archeology. More than a century ago, 18 giant skeletons were discovered, defying any logic, and able to write the whole history of mankind.

The Gigantic Cemetery, an incredible breakthrough

In May of 1912, several workers made the discovery of their lives. The story was in Wisconsin, US, when 18 unexplained skeletons of giants were discovered by chance.

Once out of the ground, the scientists of those times were surprised. They were so big that no one had ever seen anything like that before. Another strangely attributed was the skull of these impossible beings because they were slightly elongated. They did not belong to ordinary beings, but to entities separated from another story or another film.

Bizarre features

The New York Times published an extensive article on this discovery on May 4, 1912. The American journalists described them as gigantic and so was it. A skeleton measures between 3 and 4 meters. The skulls were slightly elongated, and they had 6 fingers on each hand and leg.

Another strange aspect was the teeth of these gigantic characters. Much longer than the teeth of an ordinary man, which is why it was said at the time that the giants had an extremely long life.

It is clear to such characteristics that these people, if we can call them, have an impressive force. They could carry hundreds of pounds or even tons. In this context, we must refer to biblical texts describing the civilization of the Nephilim.

Genesis 6: 4

    On the earth, giants lived in those days - and even afterwards, when the sons of God entered the daughters of men, and they bore children. These were the heroes of old, people of renown.

Other incredible discoveries

In addition to the giant cemetery, other skeletons of giants have been discovered in the last century in different places around the globe, even in Romania. Most strange is that this information was not made public or little was written about them. Why? Because scientists can not accept the existence of such creatures on Earth, because that would completely destroy Darwin's evolutionary theory.

Sources claim that since 1950, over 200 such skeletons have been discovered. In 2002, National Geographic reported a dozen skeletons of cyclops discovered in Greece. They were over 5 meters tall. From then until now, they have never heard of them. I'm wodering why?
People with red hair

On the territory of the United States, among the Americans, there is still a legend about people with red hair today. It is said that these were the sons of the gods, they were extremely tall and had red hair and elongated ears. Just like the giants that are said to have built Brazda of Novac, on the territory of our country.

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