The curious origin of the word "Buu" that ghosts often say at night to scare us

Before you can remember, whenever you wanted to scare someone or you got scared, they came to you stealthily and just at the perfect moment they said "BUU", with more or less volume, intonation or ultralight sound, but always the same word, but ...

Do you know where the word "BUU" comes from?

Etymologically, the word buu or "boo" in English, is compared with the Latin boare or the Greek Boâv, which means to shout or roar, but the truth is that the origin of this word is not clear, but whoever invented it was quite a evil genius

Little is known about the origin of the word, but its success emerged in the mid-nineteenth century, where spiritualism and life after death became the most popular topic of conversation among people.

The culture of the paranormal allowed them to benefit seers and mediums from all over the world, but apparently, their powers were not able to start anything other than a buu of the presences of the beyond.

Some people affirm that the origin is Scottish since the word appears in an etymological dictionary of Scotland in 1808, although the sound was defined as the imitation of the cries of a calf. The Scots used the word to scare the children who were crying, something already quite somber in itself.
The power of the BUU!

Whatever the origin of the word, we all enjoy a good scare and can not imagine a ghost or appearance of the beyond without uttering, at least first, the word "buu".

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